The Competition simulates a law office consultation in which two law students, acting as lawyers, are presented with a client matter. The students are given a brief written memorandum that identifies the general nature of the client’s problem before the interviews are held. The students conduct an interview with a person playing the role of the client. Students are expected to elicit the relevant information from the client, explain the relevant laws, present the client with their options, and assist the client to select their preferred resolution. The interview with the client is then followed by a post-consultation period during which the students analyze the interview and discuss the work to be undertaken. The interview and post-consultation period last a total of 45 minutes.  The students are evaluated against specific criteria that emphasize the use of listening, questioning, planning, and analytical skills in a lawyer/client interview.

Detailed information with respect to the Competition can be found under ‘Competition Rules’.


Canada was one of the original founding members of the International Client Consultation Competition (initially called the International Client Counseling Competition) in 1985, and has competed in the International Competition since that time. Canadian teams initially competed in the American Bar Association’s Client Counseling Regionals and Nationals to determine which Canadian team would represent Canada at the International Competition. The Committee is very grateful to the American Bar Association for their support and inclusion of the Canadian universities over the past several years.

As of May of 2011, the Committee received support from a majority of Canadian law schools to develop a Canadian Client Consultation Competition for all Canadian law schools. The top ranking Canadian law school at the Canadian Competition will advance to the annual Louis M. Brown and Forrest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition, the international legal moot competition in which over 25 different countries compete.